The Department of Rail Transport (DRT) is responsible for the supervision of rail transportation systems throughout the country to be the same standard as well as suggesting policies, strategies and plans for governing rail transportation as a standard. In addition, the country’s rail transport infrastructure is developed to be more competitive and connect other forms of transport and neighboring countries.

The Responsibility of DRT is the following:

  1. Formulate recommendations for national rail transit policy, strategy and development plan.
  2. Set standards on rail transport, safety standards, road maintenance standard, business standards, personnel standards, and also Including supervising them to comply with the aforementioned standards
  3. Regulate the utilization of rail transport infrastructure
  4. Study and develop innovation in rail transportation
  5. Cooperate and coordinate about the rail transportation with the organization and other related agencies both in the country and abroad
  6. To perform any other activities within the duty and authority of the department as defined by law or as assigned by the Minister or the Cabinet
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